This Tulare, Thunderbowl Raceway winners list is still being compiled. It is incomplete (but much better than what we had before, which was nothing). Thanks to Kevin Eckert, Marty Kobata, Lance Jennings, Jeff Peck, and Steve Turnross for their help! ...We would LOVE to fill in all the blanks on this list, particularly in terms of car owner victories. Please email me if you can help with specific information.


Tulare, CA. Thunderbowl Raceway history. 2016-2021 / 2011-2015 / 2006-2010 / 2001-2005 / 1988-2000

Date Winner Winning Car Sanction Notes: Class
10/29/05 Tim Kaeding  Trophy Cup final points champion was Brent Kaeding.  360w
10/28/05 Brent Kaeding  Trophy Cup     360w
10/15/05 Sammy Swindell Forbrook 5 WoO Kevin Swindell broke the track record, lowering it 12.740 seconds.  410w
10/14/05 Donny Schatz  Schatz 15 WoO 410w
7/23/05 Steven Williams  93 SCRA 360 360nw
6/18/05 Ricci Faria  SCRA 360 360nw
6/11/05 Andy Forsberg Forsberg 92 SCRA 360 360nw
6/11/05 Jason Statler Statler 00 Golden State Challenge 410w
5/14/05 Chad Boespflug SCRA 360 360nw
4/30/05 Chad Boespflug SCRA 360 360nw
4/30/05 Ronnie Day Stockbridge 1 410w
4/9/05 RAIN 360nw
2/25/05 Cory Kruseman  SCRA 360 360nw
2/25/05 Tim Shaffer Lonnie Parsons 6 WoO 410w
10/30/04 Terry McCarl  McCarl 24 WoO 410w
10/29/04 Erin Crocker  Woodring 16 WoO 410w
10/2/04 Steve Kent  Henderson 7n 410w
7/10/04 Damion Gardner Chaffin 50 SCRA 40 laps. ...Top-five: Gardner, Mike Spencer, Danny Sheridan, Jason York, Ronnie Clark. …21 cars. 410nw
6/12/04 Brent Kaeding  BK Racing 69 410w
5/14/04 Rickie Gaunt  Smiley 2A SCRA 410nw
4/24/04 Rickie Gaunt  Smiley 2A SCRA Brad Sweet finished eight in a 360 powered car.  410nw
4/4/04 Cory Kruseman  Alexander 4 SCRA 39 cars showed up for the "day show". …The C-Main top three were: Peter Murphy, Brad Sweet, and Kevin Urton. …Urton then transferred through the B, to the A-Main.  410nw
9/2/03 Steve Kinser  Kinser 11 WoO 410w
6/14/03 Cory Kruseman  61 SCRA 33 cars.  410nw
5/31/03 Jonathan Allard Rick Wright 35 Golden State Challenge Top four: Allard, Blake Robertson, Tommy Tarlton, Andy Forsberg.  410w
5/31/03 Luke Beberia  Kings of Thunder 360 Bebaria beat Steve Kent, Ricci Faria, and Andy Forsberg.  360w
4/26/03 Blake Robertson  Kings of Thunder 360 13 cars. Top five was: Robertson, G Ishii, 3. G Decaires, 4. A Forsberg, 5. Rick Williams.  360w
4/26/03 Dennis Moore Jr.  Williams 0 KWS 410w
4/24/03 Rickie Gaunt  USAC-CRA Top-five: Gaunt, Charles Davis Jr., Peter Murphy, Steve Ostling, Kevin Urton.  410nw
4/5/03 Damion Gardner Harlan Willis 45 SCRA 410nw
11/29/02 Tim Kaeding  Cowan 7T Fan Aprreciation races. The top five was, TK, 2. Stidham, Danny Lasoski, Peter Murphy and Joey Saldana.  410w
7/6/02 Richard Griffin  SCRA Top three were: Griffin, Tony Jones, and Bobby Graham.  410nw
6/29/02 Jason Meyers  Carter 14 Golden State Challenge Podium: Meyers, Eric Rossi, Brent Kaeding.  410w
6/29/02 Ricci Faria  Faria 89 Kings of Thunder 360 Ricci faria bested Danny Faria Jr., and Davey Key for the 30-lap win.  360w
6/1/02 Jason Meyers  Golden State Challenge Meyers beat Eric Rossi, and Tommy Tarlton for the win.  410w
6/1/02 Luke Beberia  Kings of Thunder 360 Top three in the 20-lap feature was Beberia, Kurt Nelson, and Peter Murphy  360w
4/13/02 Jason Meyers  Carter 14 Golden State Challenge Podium was Meyers, Brent Kaeding, Jason Statler.  410w
4/13/02 Luke Beberia  Kings of Thunder 360 Podium was Beberia, Tim Worth, Lawrence Edlund.  360w
11/23/01 Danny Lasoski  Roth 83 SR.  NARC Top three: Lasoski, Tim Shaffer, Joey Saldana.  410w
8/4/01 Mike Kirby  SCRA Top three: Kirby, Rip Williams, John Scott 410nw
7/7/01 Blake Robertson  KWS 410w
7/7/01 Craig Stidham  Kings of Thunder 360 360w
6/2/01 Ricci Faria  Kings of Thunder 360 360w
6/2/01 Tim Kaeding  McMillen 10 KWS 410w
4/14/01 Eric Rossi  Filipich 98x Golden State Challenge Top three: Rossi, Tarlton, Murphy.  410w
4/14/01 Steve Kent  Kings of Thunder 360 Kent beat D Faria Jr., and Luke Beberia in the 20-lap A-Main.  360w

2016-2021 / 2011-2015 / 2006-2010 / 2001-2005 / 1988-2000