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Winning Driver






LeRoy Van Conett (5)

McCray #1 (5)

Day show attracted 21 cars. Jim Klemovich set fast time with 24.53 clocking for the half-mile. ...Gary Ponzini was runner-up followed by Kemovich, Gil Richardson, and Mike McCreary. …Paul Galleron was the Napa County Fair President.

Dolan Lannan snapped this photo of Jimmy Gordon above. Dollan was a big help in providing information for this website. 



LeRoy Van Conett (6)

McCray #1 (6)

Leroy had quick time, 23.60. ...25 cars. Billy Anderson was second in the Andy Anderson #98. Jim Boyd finished third. ...Lou Jacquet won the dash, but got the #9 sprinter into the 2nd turn wall in the main event.



Billy Anderson

Andy Anderson #98 (3)

Maybe the finest field of sprint cars to ever assemble in Northern California. 40 cars! ...From L.A., Bruce Bromme brought out his #12 Offy with Don Hawley in the seat. ...Jimmy Boyd set quick time in the Jerry Pittman #98x. ...A big party was held after the races at Lou Vermeil's place.



Nick Porter

Bill Van Pol Chevy # 21

Nick Porter, "The Northern Star from Redding", had his finest moment. Harold Simmons was seriously injured in time-trials after flipping.



Lem Tolliver

Tolliver #97

Former Steve Kennick car. Tolliver was his own mechanic. ...George Rogge barrel-rolled seven times in turn three. Tom Gomez went through the second turn wall and flipped. ...Ken Firnekas went end for end into the 3rd turn wall. ...Cliff Sealock established a New Track Record of 22.82. Walt Rieff won the very exciting semi. ...Don Melvin was second, and Jim Klemovich ran third in the feature.



Duane Bonini

Bonini & Banzi #6 (1)

The race was billed as the Scarborough Memorial. ...Bonini's first sprint car race. He was clocked at 108 mph on the backchute, and won the feature! ...Bob Zieske got upside down on this night in the Floyd Magnus Plymouth. ..Van Conett won the Calistoga Speedway Track championship.



Lem Tolliver (2)

Tolliver #2 (2)

Day show. The season opener was always a day race. …J.A. Flynn was the Fair Board President. …Don Shewman and Dick Metcalf were the announcers. 



Duane Bonini (2)

Bonini & Banzi #72 (2)

Night race.



Duane Bonini (3)

Bonini & Banzi #72 (3)

Bonini started eighth and won his third Calistoga Main Event. Billy Anderson finished second. Jimmy Boyd was third. Quick time went to Lem Tolliver. …Wally Talbot won the Trophy Dash. …Heats were won by: Larry Johnson, Bob Thomas, Boyd, and B. Anderson. …Jim Klemovich won the B-Main. …27 cars on hand. 



Gary Patterson

Don Snow #15

The Great GP's first Calistoga win came in Don Snow's black Edmunds #15. Bill Anderson was second, followed by Lem Tolliver. …Mike McCreary set quick time. …Phil Pedlar won the Trophy Dash. Ken Gandy won the Semi-Main.

Lew Lewis posted this photo! 



Billy Anderson (2)

Andy Anderson #98 (4)



Jimmy Boyd

Jim Debeaumont #10

Duane Bonini SR., the NARC points leader was tragically killed in a crash leaving behind his three year-old son, Duane JR.



Lem Tolliver (3)

Tolliver #2 (3) 

Tolliver won the 1971 Calistoga Speedway Track Championship. 



Mike McCreary

Warren Dorathy # 5

George Cropp was the President of the Napa County Fair Association. …A new 1,000 seat bleacher was added north of the main grandstand. 



Billy Anderson (3)

Bryn K. Siler # 14

Billy Anderson won the Feature race over Don Melvin, and Rich Govan. Anderson started eighth. …Govan had quick time at 23.257 seconds. 23 cars. Gary Patterson won the Trophy Dash. Bill McCormick made a last lap, last turn pass to win heat two over Ken Gandy. Billy Anderson did the same in heat three with a last turn pass of Mike McCreary. Don Melvin won the Semi-Main. …Chuck Fulton was the 1972 NARC Pit Manager. 



Cliff Sealock (2)

Nachreiner # 33 (2)

Billy Anderson had quick time. Lem Tolliver won the Trophy Dash. Pete May, Mike McCreary, Cliff Sealock, and Johnny Anderson won heat races. …Rick Horton capered the Semi-Main victory. …Scorers were Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Morrow and Floyd Busby. 



LeRoy Van Conett (7)

Ted Hunting #5x

The races were still being billed as “Championship Big Car Races”. Mike McCreary had quick time at 23.317 seconds. LeRoy Van Conett won the Dash. Heat winners included: Chris Zootis, Don Melvin, Phil Pedlar, and Lem Tolliver. Rick Horton won the B-Main. 



Billy Anderson (4)

Siler #14

Billy Anderson’s fourth Calistoga Feature win came over LeRoy Van Conett, Rich Govan, Rick Horton and Mike McCreary. Van Conett had fast time. Bill McCormick won the Dash. Les Blakeley captured Heat One. Ken Firnekas won Heat Two. Rick Horton took Heat Three, and Billy Anderson won the Fourth Heat. …Hank Marsh was victorious in the Semi.  Photographers for NARC included: Doug Davis, Larry Wood, and John Monhoff. 



Rick Horton

Jim Hearn #31

First known Calistoga win for Rick Horton. …36 cars were paced by Lem Tolliver’s quick time 23.169 seconds.  Ken Gandy won the Trophy Dash. Les Blakeley was the first heat winner. Ken Firnekas took home heat two. Rick Horton won the third heat, and Billy Anderson won the “fast heat”. Ron Vines enjoyed a Semi-Main victory. …LeRoy Shoreman was the Pit Gate Manager. 



Billy Anderson (5)

Siler #14 (2)

Hank Hanestad wrenched the winning car. …Cliff Sealock finished second, and Rich Govan completed the podium finishers. …Billy Anderson won the 1972 Calistoga Speedway Track Championship. Mel Fernandez was the Starter, assisted by Jim Silva. …LeRoy VanConett won the Trophy Dash. 



Lem Tolliver (4)

Siler #5 (3)

Tolliver posts a clean sweep! Quick-time, Dash, heat, and Feature win.



Phil Pedlar (2)

Nachriener #33 (3)

Mike, "Car Wash Mike" Avilla owned all the 1973 National Speed Sport News'. He says this is what was written about this night of racing. ..."Phil Pedlar, driving the Nachreiner sprint car, won the 25 lap Northern Auto Racing Club feature at the fairgrounds here May 27. Jim Peacock finished second followed by Mike McCreary, Rick Horton, Rich Gentes, Pete May, Bob Thomas, Lem Tolliver. Don Snow and George Rogge. Heat winners were Gil Richardson, Rogge, Mike Andretta and Jerry Cecil. Andretta also won the semi. In qualifying, Tolliver set a new track record of 22.649 seconds on the half mile clay. Peacock won the Dash. Rich Govan escaped injury when he tangled with Johnny Tiner in the second heat and fllipped."



Rick Horton (2)

Hearn #10 (2)

Rick Horton won, followed by Lem Tolliver, Billy Anderson, Ron Horton, and Phil Pedlar. Mike McCreary had fast time. George Rogge won the Trophy Dash. …Dave Ellis, Don Snow, Billy Anderson, and Rick Horton won heat races. …Ellis won the Semi-Main. …George Cropp continued as the President of the Napa County Fair Association.



Billy Anderson (6)

Dick Bauer #88

Announcers in 1973 were Don Shewman, and Jack Clayton.



Ken Gandy

Timers and scorers were Pat and Tom Morrow, and Roland Harper.



Lem Tolliver (5)

Siler #5 (4)



Phil Pedlar (3)

Nachreiner # 33 (4)

Johnny Anderson was second and Rich Gentes was third.



Phil Pedlar (4)

Nachriener #33 (5)

Lem Tolliver had quick time. Johnny Anderson won the Trophy Dash. Duke Duponte’ captured Heat One. Other heat winners: Don Melvin, Pete May, and Rich Gentes. Ron Horton won the Semi. 



Phil Pedlar (5)

Nachreiner # 33 (6)

Pedlar is first known driver to score three wins in a row at Calistoga. Billy Anderson, of Sacramento, won his second straight Calistoga Track Championship. 



Ron Horton

Jim Hearn #2 (2)

Attendance estimated at 3,000 for the `74 season opener. ...A warm Spring Sunday with a dry-slick racetrack. ...Bill McCormick put the Mike Farms sprinter into the wall in qualifying. ...Rookie driver Don Snow won the fast heat. ...B-main winner, Johnny Anderson made a spectacular drive from his 16th starting spot to capture the lead on the 9th lap of the Feature. Don Meyer of Calistoga was running sixth on lap 21 of 25 when he flipped wildly down the front chute. In the melee, the fire truck made contact with Johnny Anderson's #98, and knocked the leader out of the race! ...Phil Pedler inherited the top spot, only to spin into the infield on the white flag lap, giving the win to Ron Horton. Snow finished second, and Billy Anderson finished third. …Dave Ellis won the Trophy Dash. 



Rick Horton (3)

Jim Hearn #2 (3)

A tragic night. Starter Mel Fernandes was struck by a car. Fernandes died from the injuries. He had been the assistant starter at Indianapolis 500. He preferred to flag from the track where he felt he had better control of the race. The 1974 NARC yearbook says that, "Fernandes had often brought fans to their feet with his hairbreadth escapes, but on May 25th, he did not get out of the way in time." ...37 cars. Lem Tolliver, (pictured below) had quick-time 23.150 in Warren Dorathy's Leffler-built #97. …Hank Butcher won the Trophy Dash. Rick Horton won the Feature over Billy Anderson and Rich Gentes.




Jim Peacock

Mike Yanker Chevy #11x

...Every competitor lined up on the front chute to pay respect to fallen starter, Mel Fernandes. ...Nebraska driver Roger Abbott spent the first part of the 1972 season racing with NARC. He timed-in second quick behind Mike Andreetta (22.760).  Purse: $2,510. …Billy Anderson finished second followed by Mike Andreetta. Wayne Sue finished 6th, and spun in a cloud of steam after taking the checkered. ...The winner, Peacock was a Southern California invader. He took home over $300 for his win. …Van Conett won the Trophy Dash. Heat winners included: Gary Ramsier, Don Melvin, Don Meyer, and Don Snow. …Paul Worden won the Semi-Main. 



Don Melvin

Ray Smith #71

Don Melvin posted one of the most impressive Calistoga drives ever when he stormed from 12th to the lead (win) of the semi-main, and then came from the back to win the Feature. The fans stood, and screamed as Melvin raced side-by-side to the Feature checkered with Phil Pedlar. Melvin won by a scant margin. ...37 cars.



LeRoy Van Conett (8)

Ted Hunting #51 (2)

Clean sweep for Leroy! He started 13th in the feature, and had the crowd on their feet with each pass in the feature. Van Conett made the winning move on lap 24 of 25. He had Fast time, won the dash, and his heat (the fourth). ...Standing room only crowd of 4,000 watched 43 cars participate. Finishing second to Van Conett was Rick Horton ….Louis Bruce flipped hard in his debut. Southern California invader Gary Howard won the First Heat. Jim Peacock won Heat Two. Ray Garcia won Heat Three and finished third in the Main Event. …Wayne Sue also crashed down the front chute, flipping five or six times. Sue returned to his Super Modified the following night at West Capitol and won the main event. Purse: $3,227



Rich Gentes

Vermeil #65

It was the last feature race won by an Offenhauser engine. Offenhauser was once the king of power for sprints and midgets. Gentes was driving the "Vermeil Offy"#65. He had the lead in the feature for a while until the much more powerful Chevy of Lem Tolliver passed him. Then with about 5 laps to go Lem had car trouble and dropped out. Gentes then took the win. ...The last sprint car Main Event won by an Offy in the United States? ...37 cars, quick-time to Van Conett, dash to Andreetta, Heats to Bob Bloom, Don Melvin, Phil Pedlar, and Tolliver. ...KNBR radio personality, Mike Clary handled the trackside microphone.



LeRoy Van Conett (9)

Ted Hunting #51 (3)

LeRoy had quick time, as well as the Dash and Feature win. ...Pedlar was in Walt Ross' #56 for the night. ...The Feature was described as one of the best of the 1974 season.  Billy Anderson finished second. Lem Tolliver was third. …The Hunting #51 was ten years old in the 1974 season. The car was built by Walt Rieff. …Bob Padgett won Heat Two. Pete May captured Heat Three. Rick Horton won Heat Four. 



LeRoy Van Conett (10)

Ted Hunting #51 (4)

"Perfect race track", prepared by George Hawkins. ...Billy Anderson broke the track record, turning the half-mile in 22.235 seconds. ...Mike Andreetta broke the dash record. ...32 cars. ...Bob Padgett destroyed Frank Allen's #74 with a vicious flip in turn one. ...LeRoy was on a roll, having won three of the last four `Stoga shows.



Billy Anderson (7)

Dick Bauer #88 (2)

Van Conett broke Billy Anderson's two-week old track record, and then Bud Riebhoff caught a first turn rut, and crashed violently. He spent the night at the hospital. ...Billy Anderson started 9th, and won his first feature of the 1974 season. Rick Horton came from 14th to 2nd, and Ken Gandy finished 3rd. …33 cars. …Bob Johnson won the Trophy Dash. Dic Rauser, Rich Gentes, Rich Govan, and Lem Tolliver won heat races. 



Billy Anderson (8)

Bauer #88 (3)

Billy Anderson wins the Main Event and his 3rd Calistoga track championship. LeRoy VanConett finished second, followed by Rich Govan, Rich Gentes, and Lem Tolliver.  ...Anderson received $250 and a plaque for the Scarborough Trophy. ...Mike Andreetta established a new track record, going 22.150 in Walt Ross' #56. …Bill Anderson won the Trophy Dash. Gary Ramsier, Pete May, Govan, and Don Snow won heats. 



LeRoy Van Conett (11)

Hunting #2 (5)

Day show marked the opening of the 1975 season. The Napa Register says, "A HUGE crowd of 3,500, and 41 cars turned out, despite threatening skies, and wind." ...Only two yellow flags. 11 of the 16 starters finished. Johnny Anderson finished second, and Rich Govan was third. ...Vel Rodgers won the 2nd heat from the last row. ...Dave Ellis took a checkered flag lap for Hayward car owner Hank Hanestad.



LeRoy Van Conett (12)

Hunting #2 (6)

Record 49 cars in the pits. The first night race of the season. Little Dickie Rauser set fast time with a 22.868 aboard the Fred Kain built Amick owned #41. The "Roseville Rocket" Larry Burton picked up the dash win in his first ride in the Walt Ross #56. Jerry Belville, Pete May, Donnie Melvin, and LeRoy Van Conett took heat races. ...Vel Rodgers went for a ride in heat one. He was shaken, but walked away after the nasty series of rolls. A large car count resulted in two consy races, won by Tom Abreu and Jon Harris. Ron Horton won the semi-main, which was red flagged for a flip by John Sculatti under caution, after the front end broke. Leroy Van Conett took home the lions share of the $3000 purse, after a battle with Rich Gentes for several laps. Finishing third and fourth, were the Roger Henderson team cars of Rick Horton #51 and Rich Govan #6.

Pictured below is Jimmy Sills in the Bob Davis #00



Rick Horton (4)

Henderson #51

Gary Patterson was the first car out to qualify in the Walt Ross #56. He sets track record 20.233. ...At the time the field was almost all Chevrolet, with a stray Ford, Offy, and Dodge. The Offy was owned by Stan Vermeil, and the Dodge was Chuck Ennis'. ...47 cars. ...Mike Andreetta drove the Vermeil Offy to a heat win, and semi-main win. ...CRA rookie driver, Billy Felts was there as well. ...The nonstop 25 lapper, won by Rick Horton, came after Lem Tolliver broke while leading on lap 19. Patterson finished second, and Garry Rush was third. …Van Conett won the Dash. “The Rabbit, Tom Abreu” won Heat One. 



Rich Govan

Henderson #6 (2)

Cars owned by Hunting, Ross, W. Anderson, and Bill Hill were DQ'd for being too loud in qualifying. First enforcement of muffler rule - a year after State mandate to quiet cars. ...First ever sprint car win for Govan. Phil Pedlar was second followed by Lem Tolliver, Rich Gentes, and Mike McCreary. . Dick Rauser set fast time. Pedlar won the Trophy Dash. Heats were won by: Victor Mencarini, Herb Pinckney, Tolliver, and Govan. Mencarini won the Semi-Main. 



Gary Patterson (2)

Ross #56

25 laps nonstop. Patterson set a track record - 9 minutes, 45.5 seconds. A sellout during the Napa County Fair. "GP" started 14th, and was leading on the 15th lap. …Jerry Belville finished second. Aussie Garry Rush was in Kenny Woodruff's #37. He drove from 12th to 3rd. …Patterson had quick time. Terry Crousore won the Dash. …Heat winners included: Don Snow, Johnny Anderson, Phil Pedlar, and Rich Govan. 



LeRoy Van Conett (13)

Hunting #2 (7)

Garry Rush was 2nd, and Billy Anderson 3rd in a "sizzling show". The NARC yearbook called the feature, "The most exciting feature ever". The local paper described it as, "standing room only", and went on to call the main event, "one of the finest ever seen here". The show was sold-out. Purse was an all-time record $8,500. 41 cars. …Rush set fast time. LeRoy Van Conett won the Trophy Dash. Boyd Schauer won the First Heat. Bobby Johnson won the B-Main. 



LeRoy Van Conett (14)

Hunting #2 (8)

40 year-old LeRoy Van Conett won convincingly on a bona-fide dry-slick race track. LeRoy started inside the 7th row. The Anderson brothers, Billy and Johnny were second and third respectively. ...Only ten cars finished the race. LeRoy said in the Napa Register, "It was slippery and slow". ...Kiwi, Dave Jolley won the C-Main. Van Conett also had quick time. Rick Horton was the Dash winner. Heat races were captured by: Victor Mencarini, Ron Horton, Don Snow, and Lem Tolliver. Snow won the Semi-Main. …Louie Vermeil estimated the attendance to be 2,500 and "good". ...Wendell Anderson Jr. made his Calistoga debut in the Anderson/Rose #98. ...LeRoy signed autographs for 30 minutes after the race, even as the lights were dimmed. 



Lem Tolliver (6)

Champion Speed Shop #80

Special Napa County Championship race. ...Don Snow posted quick time. 40 cars. Rich Govan tangled with another car and flipped the Henderson #6 several times near the pit gate.



Terry Crousore

Crousore #47

Controversial race. Crousore punts Billy Anderson (pictured below) for the win. ...45 cars were led by Jimmy Sills’ 22.457 lap in time trials. Sills was driving car #00. …Ron Horton was the Dash winner. Heats were taken by: Don Melvin, Mike McCreary, Billy Anderson, and Ron Horton. …Bill Silveria won the Consolation Race. Garry Rush won the Semi. …The top five in the feature: Crousore, Sills, Van Conett, Rendy Boldrini, and Lem Tolliver. …Herb Pinckney bailed hard in qualifying in turn 4, almost into the “pond". …Roy and Steve Wurzer were the Pit Gate Managers in 1975.




Garry Rush

Woodruff #37

Australian champion, Garry Rush won his first USA feature in the Kenny Woodruff owned, Trostle 4-bar car. Rush started eighth. Van Conett was second, followed by Gary Patterson, Ron Horton, and 16th starter Rick Horton. …Victor Mencarini posted quick time. ...Jimmy Sills flipped hard down the backchute with Terry Crousore. Sills went to the hospital but raced the following night at West Capital. …Dick Rauser won the Dash. Heat winners were: Jim Diego, Don Melvin, Don Snow, and LeRoy Van Conett. There were 46 cars. Allen Catlett won the Consolation Feature. Don Melvin took home the B-Main. …George Cropp remains as the President of the Napa County Fair Association. 



Terry Crousore (2)

Crousore #47 (2)

1st Calistoga Classic. The BIG RACE offered a guaranteed $6,000 purse, with $1,000 going to the 50-lap Classic winner. It attracted 45 cars, and actually paid $1,400 to win. ...Nasty double flip in the A-Dash, with Dick Rauser and Billy Anderson. Billy suffered a shattered wrist. The ugly crash was a career-ender for the popular Sacramento driver that was racing for Napa's Dick Bauer. ...Jimmy Sills was right behind the two flipping cars of Rauser and Anderson. ...Sills finished the main-event 2nd, with Gary Patterson 3rd, Garry Rush 4th, and LeRoy Van Conett 5th. ...Al Andrews wadded one up in turn one in qualifying. He flipped three times and went through the protective screen fence. He was only "shaken up", but they hauled him to the crash house anyway. …LeRoy Van Conett won his third Calistoga Track Championship. 



Gary Patterson (3)

Ross & Tierney #56 (2)

Patterson won the Feature with a lap 23 pass of Johnny Anderson. Anderson finished second, with Boyd third, Phil Pedlar fourth, and LeRoy Van Conett fifth. ….Estimates are that Ross & Tierney have $15,000 invested in the winning #56. ...48 cars at the Season Opener, which was a day show. Start time was 1 PM. Van Conett had Fast Time. Jimmy Boyd won the Dash. Victor Mencarini, Mike McCreary, Lem Tolliver and Johnny Anderson won heat races. Don Melvin won the Semi-Main. …New grandstands add 600 new seats to the Speedway, increasing capacity to 2,900. ...Also "truck loads of fill were moved to raise the bleacher seating for improved spectator view". ...The result was a new all-time record crowd of 3,154 according to the Napa Register. The track was "slippery". ...Lanny Walker's Calistoga debut ended in hot-laps with a wicked gyration that tore off the tail & fuel cell on his #27. …Louis Vermeil continues as the President of NARC. 



Gary Patterson (4)

Walt Ross & Bill Tierney #56 (3)

22.082 Quick time - GP. ...The top five was GP, Johnny Anderson, LeRoy Van Conett, Jimmy Boyd, and Phil Pedlar. …J. Anderson won the Trophy Dash. Jim Paniagua, a NARC rookie, won the First Heat. Johnny Tiner won Heat Two. Ron Horton won Heat Three. Lem Tolliver won Heat Four. Ready Boldrini won the Semi-Main. ...For the 1976 season there were 87 registered NARC car-owners. 20 of those machines were brand new frames for the new season. …Charlie Wolleson was the Vice President of NARC. 



Mike Andreetta

Andreetta #8

A weird night! First a brush and timber fire south of the track drew the attention of the fans. Then it started raining, but not long enough to put the race in jeopardy. Finally, the motor in Jerry Belleville's #84 blew-up, sending parts into the grandstand! Flying metal caused a skull fracture for Robyn Hawley of Sacramento. Two others were injured as well, with Nannie Teel of Healdsburg having to have surgery for mouth wounds. ...The semi-main took an hour to complete with six caution flags. ....51 cars. Jimmy Boyd fast time. 21.483. Johnny Anderson won the Dash. It is estimated that some owners have as much as $18,000 invested in one car! ...Andreetta took the lead on lap 17 of 25. He started in the fourth row. …Bill Crowley was the Secretary/Treasurer of NARC. 



Johnny Anderson (3)

Daphne/Don Snow #15 (2)

Quick-time was 22.146 - LeRoy. ...Anderson started 13th and passed Jimmy Boyd on lap 22 of 25 for the win in Don Snow's Lloyd chassis #15. ...Lem Tolliver was too loud in qualifying and was told he was done for the night. ...Somehow Lem got on to the track during the main event, and then ignored repeated black flags. ...Also, the local paper, states that "Mike McCreary jumped from his car, picked up a dirt clod, and tossed it at a passing driver." ...Don Harper of Eureka won a special Rookie Race. …NARC Board of Directors included: Dolan Lannan, Billy Anderson, Don Melvin, Walt Ross, and George Rogge. 



Jimmy Boyd (2)

Ed & Ken Woodruff #21 (2)

#29 Duke Duponzi drove over the golf green in turn 4, went over two short fences, and landed in the pits in front of the front-chute grandstands. He narrowly missed the infield scoring and announcing tower, and sent crew guys scrambling. Car owner, Bruce Broussard was hit and taken away by ambulance. He was treated for a back injury and released. The Friday night race drew 2,200 fans. Jimmy Sills was second, and Gary Patterson finished 3rd. …Patterson set fast time. Mike Andreetta won the Trophy Dash. …Ken Urton was the NARC Referee.




Jimmy Boyd (3)

Ed & Ken Woodruff #21 (3)

Quick Time - 21.875 - Mike 'The Rat' Andreetta. He also won the Trophy Dash. …Les Blakeley In Bratton Ford #0 - big ride on backchute ...Another record crowd for the Saturday night race. Estimates of 3,750 paid to see Boyd start 17th and win the feature. Lap Leaders: Vel Rodgers 1-2, Don Melvin 3-8, Johnny Anderson 9-22, Jimmy Boyd 23-25. The stout top five was, 1. Boyd, 2. J. Anderson, 3. LeRoy Van Conett, 4. Gary Patterson, 5. Mike Andreetta. Don Melvin finished sixth, and Jimmy Sills (pictured below in the Shadle/McMillen #84) was seventh. …Tom Abreu won the Semi-Main.




Johnny Anderson (4)

Carville & Alves #45

First win for Carville & Alves at Calistoga. Jimmy Boyd finished second. Don Melvin blew up while leading. Quick time: 21.534 - Leroy. 38 cars. …LeRoy Van Conett had fast time. Lem Tolliver won the Dash. Augie Grube won Heat One. Les Blakeley captured Heat Two. Don Melvin won Heat Three, and Johnny Anderson won Heat Four. Ron Horton won the Semi-Main. 



RAINED OUT - First rain-out since 1953.



Jimmy Boyd (4)

Ed & Ken Woodruff #21 (4)

Quick time to Gary Patterson 21.833. 47 cars. Boyd won in the Woodruff #21, followed by Rick Horton, LeRoy Van Conett, Bruce Canepa, and Ken Gandy. …Lem Tolliver won the Dash. Ken Buman won Heat Two. Ken Gandy won Heat Three. …Ron Horton started 20th and won the Semi-Main. 



Gary Patterson (5)

Ross & Tierney #56 (4)

46 cars. 21.951 LeRoy



Gary Patterson (6)

Ross & Tierney #56 (5)

50 laps - Calistoga Classic. Top ten in A-Main: Patterson, Johnny Anderson, LeRoy Van Conett, Ron Horton, Lem Tolliver, Don Snow, Phil Pedlar, Rich Govan, Bruce Canepa, and Jimmy Sills. …Quick-time: 21.694 - Tolliver. ...A big story in the local paper tipped that the Bailey Bros. #01 cost about $20,000 complete with the tow rig, and extra tires, wheels, and parts. ...The 50 lap main-event paid $1,000 to win! Johnny Anderson won the Calistoga Track Championship. 



Gary Patterson (7)

Ross & Tierney #56 (6)

Jimmy Boyd from 18th to 3rd, but GP won his third straight feature, becoming the second driver to ever win three in a row at Calistoga. Boyd had fast time and he won the Dash. The feature top five was: Patterson, Tommy Astone, Boyd, Johnny Anderson and Don Melvin. …Russ Nickell won the First Heat in Jack McAfee’s #82. Ready Boldrini won Heat Two. Patterson won Heat Three. Astone won Heat Four. …Rich Screttrini was the B-Main winner.

Photo below is Bruce Canepa #11, and Bill Silveira




Johnny Anderson (5)

Brandy & Glaspy #XX

62 Cars! All from Nor-Cal except Washington's Jerry Day. Herb Pinckney #91 took out a portion of backchute fence. Terry Crousore flipped hard after taking the white flag in the A-main. Race was called after 24 laps. …Ken Garcia was the NARC  Pit manager in 1977. …Jimmy Boyd posted fast time. Gary Patterson won the Trophy Dash. Don Bloom, Phil Pedlar, and Patterson won heats. …Bobby Morrow won the Semi-Main.


This photo is from Racing Back in the Day page on Facebook. 



Gary Patterson (8)

Ross & Tierney #56 (7)

61 cars. Boyd sets a track record for 3-lap dash. ...Johnny Anderson finished 2nd to GP, who also had quick-time.



Jimmy Boyd (5)

Woodruff #21 (5)

LeRoy Van Conett demolished the Bailey Bros. #01 after taking out a large part of the back-straight fence. Several tree branches came down as well.



Phil Pedler (6)

Ray Smith #17 (2)

Dry-Slick - Severe drought in California. Races ended near midnight.



Phil Pedler (7)

Ray Smith #17 (3)

Wayne Sue - Fast Time. Grandpa Phil goes back-to-back. ...Ken Urton was the starter during this period.



Johnny Anderson (6)

Don Snow #4 (3)

Start of feature - big crash - Ken Buman in the Lamar #33, and Jerry Donaly in the Consani #4x flipped hard into turn one. Anderson won from row seven in Don Snow's Stapp chassis #4. Mike Andreetta was second, LeRoy Van Conett finished third.  …Van Conett had quick time. Nick Rescino won the Dash in the McMillen #84. …Heat winners were: Orval Whitson, Bob Anderson, Buman, and Ron Horton. …Don Melvin won the Semi. 



Phil Pedler (8)

Ray Smith #17 (4)

Pat Hughes left the building in turn one in qualifying - leaving the Kornbrust #88 resting on a fencepost. ...Buman bends the cage in turn two on first lap of feature. Pedlar wins by inches over Van Conett.

Pictured below is the Glen Armor sprinter, with Ron Simmons driving.



LeRoy Van Conett (15)

Bailey Bros. #01

Rendy Boldrini (Carville & Alves #45) sets track record for semi-main - 12 laps in 4 mins., 32.28 seconds. Runs from 19th to 2nd in the feature.



Johnny Anderson (7)

Brandy & Glaspy #XX (2)

52 cars. Jimmy Boyd was the fastest qualifier. Joe Joldersma went through the wall in turn three in the C-main. ...Anderson went from ninth to second in two laps. Following the race, the Scarborough Trophy was awarded to LeRoy VanConett. It was LeRoy's 4th Calistoga track championship.



Gary Patterson (9)

Clyde LaMar #33

Calistoga Classic. Rick Ferkel set quick-time in his first ever visit to Calistoga. …Top ten in the Feature: Patterson, Phil Pedlar, Rick Horton, Bobby Marshall, Jack Hewitt, LeRoy Van Conett, Johnny Anderson, Jimmy Boyd, Ferkel, and Ron Horton. …Augie Grube destroyed Mike Griffin's #50 with a high flip into the trees on the backchute. This night appears to be the first win as a car-owner at Calistoga for Clyde Lamar.




LeRoy Van Conett (16)

Bailey Bros. #01 (2)

Day show. Opening day for Calistoga's 1978 season drew 57 cars, and the "largest crowd ever". Van Conett, (pictured below in a beauty of a photo by Gerry Olson), won wire-to-wire over Nick Rescino, Johnny Anderson, Jimmy Boyd, and Les Blakeley. …Gary Patterson set quick-time. Boyd won the Dash. Heat winners: Jerry Bellville, Rescino, and Rendy Boldrini. …Don Snow won the Semi. …Walter Tamagni was the President of the Napa County Fair Association in 1978.




Ron Horton (2)

Ed Watson #78

Jimmy Boyd posted quick-time. LeRoy Van Conett won the Trophy Dash. Mike Sargent cleared the fence with arms flying out of the cage, in the Arnold Chaves #05 during time-trials. …Jim Klein won the Semi-Main. …”RC” Horton won for the second time at Calistoga. Van Conett finished second. Mike Wasina SR. finished third with Rick Horton fourth.

Nick Rescino in the #96, races inside the Don Snow #4.




Phil Pedlar (9)

Ray Smith #17 (5)

Billy Yon - quick time in the Starr #18. Wayne Sue, in the Brandy-Glaspy #XX took a bad spill at the start of the fourth heat. ...Andreetta was second, Gary Patterson finished third.



Johnny Anderson (8)

Carville & Alves #45 (2)

LeRoy Van Conett won the Trophy Dash. Heat winners included: Tom Abreu, Don Melvin, and Van Conett. George Rogge won the Semi-Main. …Johnny Anderson won the Feature over Gary Ponzini, Ron Horton, Don Melvin, and CRA invader Tom Patton.




Rick Ferkel

Daugherty #0

A World of outlaws points race, held on the same day as a World of Outlaws race at ASCOT Park. The 4 outlaws that showed were Rick Ferkel (the winner), Dub May, Bobby Allen (2nd), and Jack Hewitt (3rd). Top finishing local was Gary Ponzini (4th). Ferkel started 18th! He also set quick time.



Jan Opperman

McMillen #84

Johnny Pearson flipped the Neilson #23 on lap 3 of the feature. GP flipped the "Side-Bite" #33 in time trials. Mike Wasina, driving the Carville & Alves #45, flipped in the C-Main. Johnny Anderson passed Hank Butcher on the last lap of the Feature  for second. Anderson started 17th. …Mike Andreetta had quick-time. J. Anderson made last turn, last lap pass to win the Dash. Heat winners: Bill Silveria, Alan Munn (visiting from Washington), Phil Pedlar, and LeRoy Van Conett. Don Snow won the Semi Main. 



Rick Horton (6)

McAfee #82

Rick Horton jumped into the McAfee #82, after a problem with the Henderson #7. He started 4th and won over visiting CRA hero, Lee James in the Jim Watson car from Pasadena. …LeRoy Van Conett had quick-time. Ron Horton won the Dash. …Heat winners: Marty Fowler, Les Blakeley, Rick Horton, and Johnny Anderson.


Pictured is the Jack Gordon #1c with Dave Bradway Sr. driving.



Hank Butcher

Brandy & Glaspy #XX (3)

Nick Rescino set quick time, 3/10th's quicker than second fast, Mike Wasina. Aussie, Barry Lewis ended up in Intensive Care after a end of the front-chute crash that "horrified" onlookers.



Hank Butcher (2)

Starr #18

Nick Rescino, quick-time again (Yount #96x). Fantastic finish! Butcher lost the lead on the last lap to Boldrini coming off of two, but passed him back in three and then won a blanket finish over Boldrini and Tom Abreu.



Johnny Anderson (9)

Woodruff #21 (6)

Anderson's first ride for Kenny Woodruff, after longtime, driver Jimmy Boyd and the #21 team split. Boyd was in the McMillen #84. ...A-main Top 3: Anderson, Van Conett, Opperman.



Ron Horton (3)

Watson & Wright #78

Arizona, ace, Lealand McSpadden flipped the Kornbrust #99 wildly into the turn one fence after a torsion arm stripped in the dash. RC Horton established a track record for the 25 main event. It lasted all of 9 minutes, and 36 seconds.



Johnny Anderson (10)

Woodruff #21 (7)

70 cars! Bob Padgett took the ride of his life in turn one, in the non-qualifiers race. Main event was 40 laps. ...Doug Wolfgang won the B-Main. Steve Kinser finished fourth in the B-Main (photo of Kinser below is by Tom Parker). …Bill DesChamps was the winner of the Consolation Race. …LeRoy Van Conett and the Bailey Brothers had just split - and LeRoy was in Duke McMillen's # 84. LeRoy scored enough points to wrap up his fifth Calistoga Speedway championship. …A-Main top ten: Johnny Anderson, Hank Butcher, Gary Patterson, Earl Kelley, Danny Smith, Mike Andreetta, Rendy Boldrini, Jan Opperman, Tom Abreu, and Bruce Canepa.




Jimmy Boyd (6)

Kornbrust #99

Boyd won his sixth Calistoga Feature at the track’s season opener for 1979. LeRoy Van Conett was driving for DuWayne Starr in the famous yellow/gold #18. Ron Horton raced in a new Chuck Delu chassis #73. …Rookies racing at Calistoga for their first time: Larry Landrith, Augie Fonseca, Rick Scribner, and Louie Albedi. 



Jimmy Boyd (7)

Kornbrust #99 (2)

Mike Andreetta had quick time of 22.497. Boyd won the feature followed by Andreetta, Jimmy Sills, Ron Horton, and Gary Ponzini. The purse was $5,013. 54 cars.



Mike Andreetta (2)

Andreetta #8 (2)

Gary Patterson was the second car out in qualifying, and he ripped off a 21.145 for quick time. Mike Andreetta started to get into the groove at Stoga; qualifying fourth quick despite being the 49th of 50 cars to time trial. "The Rat" won the feature over Jimmy Sills, Rendy Boldrini, Jimmy Boyd, Johnny Anderson, Gary Patterson, and Hank Butcher. Anderson made a rare appearance in the Bailey Brothers #01. Andreetta pocketed $800 for the triumph. …



Lem Tolliver (7)

Ross #56 (8)

Jimmy Sills had quick time (21.536) in the Flammer #83. Fred Grant won the first heat. Gary Ponzini won heat two. Rick Horton took heat three in the McAfee #82. The fast heat was won by Hank Butcher in the Henderson #7. ...A rock poked a hole in the oil pan to knock LeRoy Van Conett out of competition in the Starr #18. ...Lem Tolliver started third and won his seventh and final Calistoga A-Main of his career.



Mike Andreetta (3)

Andreetta #8 (3)

Sills was 2nd. Jimmy Boyd third. …Hank Butcher and Roger Henderson parted ways after warmups. 



Mike Andreetta (4)

Andreetta #8 (4)

Andreetta was the fair-time winner over Rendy Boldrini, Rick Horton, Billy Yon, and LeRoy Van Conett.  …Van Conett had fast time in the McCray #21n. Jimmy Boyd won the Dash. Darrell Dudley won Heat Three. Andreetta won the “Fast Heat”. …Lealand McSpadden won the C-Main, and finished second in the B-Main to Yon. …McSpadden flipped in the Feature. 



Mike Andreetta (5)

Andreetta #8 (5)

LeRoy VanConnett was second in the McCray #21n, and Jimmy Sills finished third in the Flammer #83.



Mike Andreetta (6)

Andreetta #8 (6)

Jimmy Boyd finished second. Photo below shows Fred Grant #88, Tom Abreu #02 and an unknown car. (Adam Robin collection)



Mike Andreetta (7)

Andreetta #8 (7)

"The Rat" is the first driver to ever win four A-mains in a row at Calistoga. ...The fast track saw Bill McCormick set a track record for 15 laps, at 5 minutes, 56.99 seconds.



Mike Andreetta (8)

Andreetta #8 (8)

Andreetta's five race win streak at Calistoga is a All-time record. ...Russ Milbauer in Art Melzer's #61, sets a 4-lap track record of 1:39.32.



LeRoy Van Conett (17)

Joel McCray #21n

Leroy was followed to the finish line by Rick Horton, Jimmy Boyd, Larry Landrith, and Hank Butcher.



LeRoy Van Conett (18)

Joel McCray #21n (2)

Van Conett's win was worth $1,500 in the race billed as the Calistoga Classic. The McMillen family would be ranked much higher in wins if they listed themselves as car-owners. Instead they often listed their primary backers as the car-owners although they kept the cars at their Carmichael home shop. Duke McMillen was the wrench tuning this McCray #21n.



Billy Yon

Ray Smith #17 (6)

40 lap feature paid $1500 to win. Yon made the 40 laps in 14 minutes, 58.88 seconds. Nonstop. 63 Cars. Lloyd Beard killed in heat race crash in turn one and two. Died from severe head injuries. …Andreetta won the 1979 Calistoga Speedway Track Championship. 

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