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Winning Driver





LeRoy Van Conett (19)

Chris Zootis #6

Total purse was $6,031. The 1980 season started with Charlie Wolleson as the Napa County Fair Manager. Pictured below are John Wilkinson #35, and Steve Scott #37.



Chuck Gurney

Bob Consani #42

Ron Horton destroys Brandy Glaspy #XX in wicked front chute crash. First ever Calistoga win for Chuck Gurney. Total purse $5,506.



LeRoy Van Conett (20)

Bailey Bros. #01 (3)

Purse was $5,574. George Sowle was the starter during this period. ...Chief Steward was Lou Vermeil.



Rendy Boldrini

Cliff Boldrini #52

Jack Thompson of Santa Rosa killed. ...The win was the first for Boldrini, one of the most underrated non-wing pilots ever. He dominated, setting a track record in the process. The 30 lap feature took 11 minutes, and 20 seconds. Purse: $5,076



LeRoy Van Conett (21)

Chris Zootis #6 (2)

Purse $7,874. ...Elen Frediani was the scorer and timer in 1980.



Lealand McSpadden

Bailey Bros. #01 (4)

The Tempe Tornado's first Calistoga win. Purse: $5,478.



Johnny Anderson (11)

DuWayne Starr #18 (2)

Purse: $5,026. The Anderson/Starr teaming was fast from the start. They went on to win again at Calistoga, plus they won with a wing at the Gold Cup in Chico.



Chuck Gurney (2)

Bob Consani #42 (2)

Fast track. Jimmy Boyd sets a non-wing track record for 10 laps at 3:44.61. Boyd was in the Brandy & Glaspy XX. LeRoy Van Conett raced from 14th to fourth in the Feature….Big purse $8,871.



Johnny Anderson (12)

Starr #18 (3)

Johnny's last win at Calistoga came in the Starr, Tognotti #18. He was critically injured the following month at Corona, CA. …NARC Rookie of the Year battle boiled down to Tom Crowther vs. Jim Richardson. …Mike Andreetta was driving a new Delu chassis #78 for Ed Watson. 



Lealand McSpadden (2)

Bailey Bros. #01 (5)

Larry Albedi was the voice of Calistoga Speedway in 1980. McSpadden's winning car was a Delu Chassis.



LeRoy Van Conett (22)

Bailey Bros. #01 (6)

Calistoga Classic. 48 cars. This big race paid $1,600 to win! Gary Patterson, in the Ross #56, established a quick-time effort of 21.278. ...LeRoy had engine problems in the Zootis #6, and with a tight battle for the Calistoga track championship on the line, he hopped in the black #01 and won the feature to edge Chuck Gurney for the coveted "Scarborough Trophy".



Mike Andreetta (9)

Ed Watson #78 (2)

"The Rat" beat out Gurney, Butcher, Sills, and Ron Horton.



Chuck Gurney (3)

Bob Consani #1n (3)

39 cars. The top five was Gurney, Andreetta, Van Conett, Steve Scott (Frost #65), and Johnny Pearson. Tim Gee won the second heat. Don Melvin, Jimmy Boyd, and Gary Howard were the other heat winners. Kevin Urton was in the Jack Gordon #1c and he qualified into the fast dash.



Hank Butcher (3)

Bob Neilson #2

Chuck Gurney was the quick-timer in the Consani #1n. Heats were picked off by Don Hicks, Les Blakeley, Don Melvin, and Hank Butcher.

Jimmy Boyd is pictured below. (Photo by Jim Burns)



Leroy Van Conett (23)

Chris Zootis #6 (3)



Leroy Van Conett (24)

Chris Zootis #6 (4)

Mark Wolleson died after suffering a heart attack in his car. ...Hank Butcher posted quick-time in the Bob Neilson #2. Heat winners were Roger Rager, Johnny Pearson, Rendy Boldrini, and Gary Howard. Van Conett earned $925 for his night's work.



Leroy Van Conett (25)

Chris Zootis #6 (5)

A healthy $9,200 purse for 1981! Van Conett totaled $1,430 in his 25th career win at the track he "owns". Rendy Boldrini, in the Ross #56 was the fastest qualifier. Heat winners were Mike Monahan, Earl Kelley, Rick Horton, and Lanny Walker. The top-five on this night was stout. 1. VanConett, 2. Hank Butcher, 3. Roger Rager, 4. Jimmy Boyd, 5. Tom Abreu.



Leroy Van Conett (26)

Chris Zootis #6 (6)

Hank Butcher finished second.



Ron Horton (4)



Rich Forsberg

Forsberg #92

Owner/Driver Rich Forsberg won in Super Modifieds at West Capital Raceway, before moving to sprint cars after the popular West Sacramento, CA. track closed.



Chuck Gurney (4)

Consani #1n (4)

Calistoga Classic. Biggest purse of the 1981 season according to "Catch Up With NARC" Yearbook. ...Jimmy Boyd, Jack Hewitt, Leroy VanConett, and Hank Butcher completed the top-five finishers. LeRoy Van Conett won his seventh Calistoga Track Championship. 



Mike Andreetta (10)

Neilson #2 (2)

32 cars. Hank Butcher had quick-time in the DuWayne Starr Tognotti #18. Mike McCreary, Jimmy Boyd, Bryan Bullard, and Andreetta won heats.



Hank Butcher (4)

Starr #18 (4)

Butcher started 16th in the 20-car field. ...Dave Bradway Jr. posted quick-time at 21.236.



Hank Butcher (5)

Starr #18 (5)

Gurney blistered the track for a quick-time of 21.195. ...Mike Sweeney from Southern California made the road trip to race at Calistoga on this night.



Jimmy Boyd (8)

Brandy-Glaspey XX (4)

1982 was an incredibly tough year of competition. California boasted many fast cars with world-class sprint car equipment. On this night, Boyd made $708 for his win over Hank Butcher (Starr #18), Mike Andreetta (Neilson #2), Rendy Boldrini (Larry Baker #99), LeRoy Van Conett (Zootis #1), and Dave Bradway Jr. (McAfee #82). …The Zootis #1 was a Trostle chassis. 



Chuck Gurney (5)

Lovell Bros. #71n

Ron Horton had quick-time (20.813) in the Jack Gordon #1c. Heats fell to Wheeler Gresham, Jim Richardson, Gary Patterson, and Gurney. ...Jimmy Boyd went out of the ballpark in turn three in hot laps.



Chuck Gurney (6)

Lovell Bros. #71n (2)

Gurney bested Gary Patterson (in the Consani #1n), Hank Butcher, Rendy Boldrini, and Billy Yon. Patterson posted quick-time. Skip Melvin won the first heat in the Ray Smith #17. Dave Bradway Jr. won heat two (McAfee #82), Brent Kaeding won the third heat, and Gurney won the fourth heat. The purse paid was $5,339.



Brent Kaeding

Single # 69

First win at Stoga for "BK" paid $1,330. ...Dave Bradway Jr. suffered through a rough weekend. He flipped twice, the second time landing in the sewer pond (see photo below) just over the turn four fence. ...Patterson had quick-time (22.600) for the second night in a row in the Consani #1n. ...Heat winners were Skip Melvin, Mike Johnson, Gurney, and Ed Organ. ...Ron Horton, Hank Butcher, Jimmy Boyd, and Gary Patterson were second through fifth in the A-Main.



Gary Patterson (10)

Gordon #1c

The last win for GP at Calistoga.



Dave Bradway Jr.

Murphy #5n

First Calistoga win for Dave Bradway Jr. came in Mike Murphy's #5n. ...Dave's brother Jeff recalls of the car... "That was a pretty interesting car to me. It was originally owned by KW (Kenny Woodruff). It was one of those Ferkel designed Tognotti cars. Woodruff sent the car to (Bob) Trostle and he cut the front and back of it off and changed all the bar heights. KW ran the car most of year ('78 or '79) I think? ...and then Rich Taylor bought it to run for awhile. Murphy got it from him and ran it in '82 until Dave started driving it in July. The car was later sold to Larry Perry who was a good friend of Dave and myself. I used to wrench on the car when Larry drove it for Friday night shows at Chico."



Rendy Boldrini (2)

Ross #56 (9)

Boldrini set a 3-lap track record in the Trophy Dash of 1:02.93



Brent Kaeding (2)

Single #69 (2)

Track is fast! ...Chuck Gurney set a 6 lap track record, driving the Lovell Bros. #71n. His time for the 3 miles, without a wing was 2:08.20



Johnny Pearson

McCarthy & Guiducci #57

Race was billed as the Louie Vermeil Calistoga Classic. It paid Pearson $2,159.00. Brent Kaeding was second, and Jimmy Boyd finished third. LeRoy Van Conett was fourth, and Hank Butcher finished fifth. Dave Bradway Jr. posted fast time in the Lovell Bros. #71. Scott Murray won the B-Main which went 20 laps. …Hank Butcher won the 1982 Calistoga Speedway Track Championship. 



Rendy Boldrini (3)

Ross #56 (10)

The 1983 season started with Boldrini getting the non-wing win. …Johnny Pearson was driving for Chris Zootis. He finished third. Richard Forsberg was fourth. …Mike Andreetta set quick time of 22.318. …Louie Vermeil continued on as President and Chief Steward of NARC. He was 73 years-old, and has been President since 1967. 



Chuck Gurney (7)

Bammer #11n

Gurney celebrated his 37th birthday with a Calistoga Feature win. The efficient show was done at 9:40 pm. The previous night he won the Tony Hulman 100 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. …Jackie Whitson finished second to Gurney in the Calistoga race. Rendy Boldrini drove from 17th to 3rd. LeRoy Van Conett finished fourth and Brent Kaeding completed the top five.  …38 cars. Boldrini had quick-time (21.145). LeRoy Van Conett won the Dash. Heats fell to Whitson, Greg Petersen, Richard Forsberg, and Bryan Bullard. …Charlie Wolleson was the Vice President of NARC. 



Chuck Gurney (8)

Bammer #11n (2)

Gary Patterson was killed in a wicked front chute flip on lap 14 of the Main Event. He was driving the Jack Gordon #1c. …39 cars.  …Earlier in the night Patterson’s car had magneto issues. Patterson won the first heat and transferred through the Semi-main with a second place finish. Jackie Whitson won the Semi…. Gurney won the Feature and the Trophy Dash. Johnny Pearson finished second. …Louie Albedi finished 6th in the A-Main. ...Rendy Boldrini had quick-time (21.055) in the Ross #56. Mike Monahan won the Second Heat. Rich Forsberg won Heat Three. LeRoy Van Conett won the Fast Heat. …Bill Crowley was the Secretary of NARC in 1983. …Dave Bradway Jr. was driving the Brandy-Glaspy #XX. 



Rick Horton (6)

J.C Racing #8 (Jim Rodolph & Clint Forloine)

With stiff competition from the new Baylands Raceway Park, and a sudden general skepticism about racing sprint cars without wings, only 24 cars showed up. Johnny Pearson ran second to Rick Horton. Jackie Whitson was third, with Brent Kaeding fourth, and Jim Richardson fifth. …Ron Horton set quick-time of 20.946 in the McAfee #82. Dave Duncan won Heat One. Ted Montague won Heat Two. Anthony Simone won Heat Three. Chuck Gurney won the “Fast Heat”. …Dean Nelson captured the Semi-Main. …Mike Read was the Treasurer of NARC. 



Rick Horton (7)

J.C. Racing #8 (2)

28 cars. Rick Horton won the Feature over Chuck Gurney, LeRoy Van Conett, Mike Andreetta, and Rendy Boldrini,…Boldrini had quick-time of 21.203 in the Walt Ross #56. Gurney won the dash in the Moeller Bros. #11. Heat winners were, Scott Murray, Dean Nelson, Mike Monahan, and Rick Horton. …Ellen & Mike Read were the scorers for NARC in 1983. …Bryan Bullard replaced Lealand McSpadden in DuWayne Starr’s #18. 



Chuck Gurney (9)

Bammer #11n (3)

Only 22 cars. Gurney took home a large payday of $1,554. He also had quick-time OF 21.225. Jackie Whitson won the first heat in the Lamar-Walker #3. Darrell Hanestad, and Rick Horton won the other two heats. Whitson won the Semi.  …Greg Shaterian was the NARC Flag man. 



Chuck Gurney (10)

Bammer #11n (4)

The Rim Rider was first to the checkered flag ahead of Ron Horton in Jack McAfee's #82. Rick Horton was third. …Ron Horton had quick-time at 20.990. …Norman Woehrman was NARC’s Referee in 1983. …A bus load of fans came from Sacramento. “Sacramento Night” was organized by Sheila Ross & Jeannie Hunt. 



LeRoy Van Conett (27)

Neilson #2 (3)

LeRoy won “Nostalgia Night” with Chuck Gurney second. Rendy Boldrini in the Ross #56 was third. Rick Horton finished fourth. …Gurney had quick-time 20.786. …Bill Brown (“Brownie”) was NARC’s Pit Manager. …Photographers for NARC in 1983 included: Ed Bernhardt, Jim Chini, Tom Parker, and Sherry Strong. 



Chuck Gurney (11)

Bammer #11n (5)

The Duane Bonini Memorial.  Andreetta was second in the Jack Gordon #1c. ...Mike Monahan had a great night, running fourth in the feature. …Heats were won by: Dave Duncan, Fred Grant, and Chuck Gurney. The total purse was $14,000 with $1,000 to the winner, Gurney. …Ray Macht and Bob Thomas were the Pit Tech Managers. 



Ron Horton (5)

McAfee #82 (2)

Top five: 1. Horton, 2. Gurney, 3. Andreetta, 4. Van Conett, 5. Rick Horton. …Total purse over $14,000, and $1,000 to the winner. …Pit Gate workers were: Mike Read, Marilyn Golding, and Nan Pasco. 



Ron Shuman

Lovell #71 (3)

The third Louis Vermeil Classic. (Calistoga Classic). 31 cars. Shuman started 16th! He won $3,000 for the triumph. The Total purse was $12,000. Doug Wolfgang was second in the C.K. Spurlock Gambler "house car" #18. Chuck Gurney finished third, and Rick Horton was fourth.  Wolfgang had quick time of 20.503, which established the fastest single-lap seen at Calistoga in many moons. …Gurney won the Calistoga Speedway Track Championship which paid $1,000. …Jim Appleton, Jac Haudenschild, Jackie Whitson, and Shuman won heat races. Shuman’s Fourth Heat win also broke the track record for 6-laps. Shuman made the three miles in 2 minutes, 7.26 seconds. …Haudenschild won the 20-lap Semi-Main. …Rip Williams flipped in time trials. …Silly season struck hard, deep into the `83 season. Hank Butcher was driving the Leon Steffins #17. Darrell Hanestad was driving the Higgins #75. Scott Murray was driving the McCarthy & Guiducci #57. Jim Richardson was now in Harold Casto’s #40. 



LeRoy Van Conett (28)

Neilson #1 (4)

Cinco De Mayo yielded win #28 for LeRoy VanConett in a thriller. Dean Nelson almost won but LeRoy tracked him down and passed him late to rob Nelson of a `Stoga win.  Nelson finished second. Hank Butcher finished third in the Zootis #6. Richard Forsberg was fourth, and Mike Monahan completed the top-five. The total purse paid was $9,359. Van Conett made $1300 for winning. …Tommy Astone was driving the Bob Consani #1n. Ted Montague won the Semi-Main. Heat winners were Jim Appleton, Richard Forsberg, Jim Richardson, and Hank Butcher. …The 1984 NARC Board of Directors included: Mike Andreetta, Mike Read, Ray Macht, Bob Neilson, Jim Rudolph, Walter T. Ross, and Louis Vermeil. 



Chuck Gurney (12)

Bammer #11n (6)

Gurney again outperformed all at the nasty half-mile. Hank Butcher was second, and Darrel Hanestad third in the feature. Former NARC champion, Wally Talbot returned to drive the Hank Marsh #02. …Bill Crowley was the Secretary of NARC in 1984. 



Chuck Gurney (13)

Bammer #11n (7)

First Tribute to "GP". Gary Patterson was killed a year earlier on Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend. ...30 cars. Total purse was a strong $12,721. The top four teams of Gurney (Bammer #11), Boldrini (Watson #78), Hanestad (M.B. Racing #57), and Dave Bradway Jr. (Lamar #3) all made over $1,000. …Shane Scott had a hard flip. …The Gurney-Bammer combination was a force. They also swept the Memorial weekend events in 1983. …Hank Butcher finished fifth in the A-Main in the Zootis #6. …Ellen and Mike Read were the timers and scorers for NARC in 1984. 



LeRoy Van Conett (29)

Neilson #1 (5)

LeRoy won his 29th career `Stoga feature driving for Ukiah's Bob Neilson. …The NARC Referee in 1984 was Norman Woehrman. 



Chuck Gurney (14)

Bammer #11n (8)

Gurney won $1,000 for the victory.  Van Conett passed Ron Horton and Hank Butcher on lap 27 of 30 to seal second place. Rick Hirst had quick-time at 20.814. Steve Scott, Kevin Urton, Ken Gandy, and Gurney won heat races. Rick Horton won the Semi. …Hirst suffered a big flip on lap 20 of the Feature in Turn One. …Bill DesChamps replaced Fred Grant in his own car. DesChamps hadn’t driven a sprint car for three years. He finished 12th in the Feature. 



LeRoy Van Conett (30)

Bob Neilson #1 (6)

Hank Butcher was the fastest qualifier in the Zootis #6n. Rendy Boldrini won the dash in the Ed Watson #78. Roy Van Conett (Leroy's son), Chuck Gurney, Jim Richardson, and Johnny Pearson were heat winners. "Big" John Carroll from Washington finished ninth in the A-Main. …Mike Monahan was driving the Ross #56 this weekend. 



Chuck Gurney (15)

Bammer #11n (9)

28 cars on hand. Lealand McSpadden was in the Bailey Brothers #01. He set quick time and finished second to Gurney. LeRoy Van Conett was third. For their fourth place finish, car owner Don Snow and driver Ron Horton spilt $360. …Gurney won the Dash. Heat winners were: Greg Peterson, Ted Montague, Rich Forsberg, and Hank Butcher. …Kevin Urton took a hard ride in turn three. 



Rich Forsberg (2)

Forsberg #92 (2)

Forsberg led wire-to-wire. The win paid $1,000. Rendy Boldrini finished second in the Ross #56. LeRoy Van Conett was third. Hank Butcher finished fourth, and Shane Scott was fifth. 25 cars. Hank Butcher had fast-time at 20.800. Heats were won by Greg Peterson, Jackie Whitson, Forsberg, and LeRoy Van Conett. …Ted Montague won the Semi. 



LeRoy Van Conett (31)

Bob Neilson #1 (7)

As far as we can tell, this was LeRoy's last win at Calistoga. LeRoy had quick time, a 20.595. …Van Conett was in his 17th season as a Sprint Car driver. 



Lealand McSpadden (3)

Bailey Bros. #01 (8)

Top five included McSpadden, Gurney, Van Conett, Brent Kaeding, and Rendy Boldrini.

09/02/ 84


Lealand McSpadden (4)

Bailey Bros. #01 (9)

Top five was: 1. McSpadden, 2. Brent Kaeding, 3. Van Conett, 4. Rick Horton, 5. Chuck Gurney. …Kaeding had quick-time, and he won the Trophy Dash. Heats were won by: Darrell Hanestad #57, Richard Johnson, Jim Richardson, and Kaeding. Hanestad won the B-Main. 



Lealand McSpadden (5)

Bailey Bros. #01 (10)

The 1984 Calistoga Classic had a record Calistoga Speedway total purse of $19,000. McSpadden took home $3,000 for the win, his fifth at the World’s Most Beautiful Dirt Track. ...Dave Bradway Jr. finished second followed by the Horton brothers - Ron, and Rick, and Jimmy Sills. …Van Conett won his eighth Calistoga Speedway Track Championship. 



Brent Kaeding (3)

Kaeding #69

1985 season opener. …Kaeding won his third Calistoga A-Main. …Gary Ponzini had fast time. Hank Butcher won the Trophy Dash, and Kevin Urton won the Semi. …LeRoy Van Conett started the `85 season as the driver of the Pete Bellotti #03. …1984 Badlands Champ, Dave Bradway Jr., committed to run NARC in 1985. …Mike Kenney was the NEW Fair Manager at the Napa County Fairgrounds (which houses Calistoga Speedway). …Larry Albedi was the track announcer at this time. Bobby Gerould was the infield announcer. 



Brent Kaeding (4)

Kaeding #69 (2)

Brent Kaeding won for the fourth time in his Calistoga career. He started 16th in the Feature. “BK” also had quick time. Jackie Whitson won Heat One, Jim Appleton captured Heat Two. Rick Horton in the Ross #56 took Heat Three. Dave Bradway Jr. won the “Fast Heat”. …Wireless microphone technology allowed Gerould to interview Kaeding, Dash winner Hank Butcher, McMillen, and Kevin Urton from trackside. …Billy Yon won the Semi-Main. …The crop of rookies in NARC in 1985: Alan Bradway, Jason McMillen, Danny Burton, Rick Haugh, Gary Howard Jr., and Chad Hawkins, the son of Calistoga track prep-man, George “Dry Slick” Hawkins.



Brent Kaeding (5)

Kaeding #69 (3)

Kaeding passed Hank Butcher on the back chute on lap 22 to score the Salute to GP win. BK set a new track record of 20.212, eclipsing Patterson's track record that had stood for ten years. ...Dash winner, Mike Monahan was interviewed. So was Billy Yon. Wheeler Gresham won the B-Main. …Kaeding was red hot, having set single lap track records at Chico, Petaluma, and Placerville already in the `85 season. This Calistoga win made in eight straight wins to start the NARC season. 



Dave Bradway Jr. (2)

Lamar #1 (2)

Bradway Jr.’s second Calistoga victory came on a night where Ronnie Day took a nasty ride, suffering a concussion. …Brent Kaeding had fast time. Hank Butcher won the Dash, and Ted Montague won the Semi. …Ellen Read was the NARC “Pointskeeper”. 



Brent Kaeding (6)

Kaeding #69 (4)

Kaeding won his sixth `Stoga feature. Hank Butcher was second, and Rendy Boldrini was third. …Dave Bradway Jr. led 24 laps before suffering a flat left rear tire. Infield announcer, Bobby Gerould (age 17) interviewed Dash winner Boldrini as well as flip victim, Lealand McSpadden. …Johnny Pearson of Stockton, CA. won the Semi-Main. …Calistoga Auto Parts owner Donnie Meyer returned to racing after a five year layoff. …Shane Scott had recently taken over for Jimmy Sills as driver of the Yuba City Scrap & Steel #71 car. …Dayle Puckett was NARC’s Publicity and Business Agent. 



Brent Kaeding (7)

Kaeding #69 (5)

26 year-old, BK won his 11th NARC race of the year. Hank Butcher set fast time. …Donnie Meyer won the Trophy Dash. Ron Horton won the B-Main. …Cookie and Bob Pool, along with Sherry Strong were the NARC photographers. 



Brent Kaeding (8)

Kaeding #69 (6)

Controversial race between Kaeding and Boldrini. Fans booed BK, who, put a big slider on Rendy. There was a confrontation after the feature. Kaeding won for the 6th time in seven races at Calistoga in the Kaeding Gambler #69. ...Dave Bradway Jr. finished second.  Bradway Jr. had quick time. Shane Scott won the Dash. …Darrell Hanestad replaced Hank Butcher as driver of the Bob Neilsen #1. …Hank Butcher was the lone driver still racing that started his sprint car driving career before roll cages. 



Ron Horton (6)

Bill & Gaye Deschamps #44

Horton had "Ma's motor" - which was a 393 cubic inch small block. It was a great, close race between Ron Horton, BK & Darrell Hanestad. They were so close on every lap, it was exciting. …Shane Scott had quick time in the Lovell Bros. #71 at 20.802. …Hanestad won the Dash. Heat winners were Richard Johnson, Jerry Bumgarner, Danny Burton, and Donnie Meyer. Richard Johnson won the Semi. …Billie Halbasch was NARC’s traveling Nurse. 



Jac Haudenschild

Watson #78 (3)

Duane Bonini Memorial. 33 cars.  Haudenschild won the race with Dan Burton finishing second, and Ted Montague III was third. More drama in the Kaeding vs. Boldrini wars. This time, after Kaeding was penalized for a last lap “wheel-banging” of Boldrini, a crewman hit Brent's wife, JoAnne in a wild front chute melee after the checkered flag. …Boldrini had quick time at 20.242. …Darrell Hanestad won the Dash. Chad Hawkins, Johnny Pearson, Brad Beaughan and Ron Horton were heat race winners. Interviewed on the PA: Dave Bradway Jr., who was just back from finishing eighth in the Knoxville Nationals, and Dan Burton.



Dave Bradway Jr. (3)

Lamar #1 (3)

Jason McMillen flipped over the curtain in turn one, suffering a bruised lung. …Ron Horton had quick time. Lealand McSpadden won the Trophy Dash. …Don Evans won the Semi Main. 



Jac Haudenschild (2)

Watson #78 (4)

Last non-wing sprint car race at Calistoga was a boring yawner. The fifth running of the Lou Vermeil Classic was won by “outlaw invader” Haudenschild, who also had quick time. Darrell Hanestad finished second, Dave Bradway Jr. was third. Rendy Boldrini won the Trophy Dash, setting a three lap track record of 1:01.74. …Heat races were won by Gary Howard Jr., Johnny Pearson, Doug Gandy, and Dave Bradway Jr. …Drivers interviewed were: Hank Butcher, Brent Kaeding, Gandy, Boldrini, Kevin Urton, and Haudenschild. …Urton won the B Dash. …Gandy won the Semi-Main. …Kaeding was crowned as Calistoga Track Champion. …The Calistoga Track Championship fund had $3,000 in it. …Shirley Boldrini was assisting Mike Read as Scorer. …John Trussler was the announcer in the booth. …Bill Sessa was Publicity Director. Jim Allen was Assistant Publicity Director. 



Chuck Gurney (16)

Owen #14

First winged race at Calistoga. Chuck Gurney had fast time and he won the Feature. Darrell Hanestad finished second. Rendy Boldrini was third. …Sheila Boivin was the first driver to qualify with a wing. 36 cars. …Brent Kaeding won the Dash. Don Powell took home the B-Main win. Walt Ross became the the NARC President. …This was also the first Calistoga race with a spec right rear tire required. The tire cost $125. …The Speedway also added new lights in turn three, and a permanent bathroom structure in the infield. …Additionally, a new press box was built at the top of the grandstands. 



Darrell Hanestad

Nielson #2 (8)

Dave Bradway Jr. NTR 18.631. Mike Monahan suffered burns in after driving all the way down the front chute on fire. Bob Neilson was the Vice President of NARC. 



Tim Green

Snow #4 (4)

Tribute to GP. Dave Bradway JR was 2nd, Hank Butcher 3rd. Green was driving Don Snow's Gambler Chassis #4. …Bob Pool was NARC Secretary. 



Darrell Hanestad (2)

Suiter #3

Hanestad was driving the Gil’s Drilling #3 out of Arizona. He won the Feature over Dave Bradway Jr., Hank Butcher, Kevin Urton, and Bobby McMahan. …Fast time to Butcher at 18.758.  Darrell Hanestad won the Trophy Dash. Heats were won by Ted Montague, Chad Hawkins, Rich Forsberg, and Jason McMillen. Marc Zieske won the Semi-Main. …Mike Read was NARC Treasurer, as well as the Lead Timer/Scorer. 



Craig Keel

Chinen #20

The annual Fair races paid $1,000 to winner Craig Keel of Weedsport, New York. Tim Green finished second, followed by Darrell Hanestad (Watson #78). Tommy Estes Jr., and Shane Scott. Estes Jr. won the Dash in the Klein #39. Packed house. 45 cars. Chuck Gurney lowered the track record to 18.598.  



Dave Bradway Jr. (4)

Lamar #3 (4)

NTR: 18.536 - Dave Bradway Jr. …Bill Brown was NARC’s Pit Manager, assisted by Ray Kauffman.  



Dave Bradway Jr. (5)

Lamar #3 (5)

Bradway JR. continued his Calistoga brilliance with his second win of the season, to go with three runner-ups in six races. JR started in the 7th row. …Bradway Jr. also had quick-time. …Polesitter, Donnie Meyer finished second, followed by Dan Burton, Chuck Gurney, and Rick Hirst. …Hirst (Starr #18) won the Trophy Dash. Mitch Sue won the First Heat. Pete Paulson won Heat Two. Kevin Urton won Heat Three. Alan Bradway won Heat Four. Mitch Sue won the Semi-Main, setting a new track record for 15 laps (4 minutes, 59,27 seconds). …Tech was handled by Ray Macht, and Tommy Hunt. 



Chuck Gurney (17)

Consani #4 (5)

27 cars. Gurney joined Hanestad and Bradway as two-time winged winners at Calistoga. Gurney also set quick-time. Brent Kaeding finished second, followed by Bobby McMahan, Greg Rule, and Jason McMillen. Heat winners included: Jim Appleton, Sheila Boivin, Don Meyer, and Hank Butcher. …Ted Montague III won the Semi-Main. …Brent Kaeding set a new track record for 3 laps, winning the Dash in 55.29 seconds. …The Pit Gate workers were Jerry Halbasch and Jeannie Hunt. 



Dave Bradway Jr. (6)

Lamar #3 (6)

Bonini Memorial. Bradway won his third `Stoga Feature of the season in a thriller! He beat Chuck Gurney by a foot at the checkered flag. Hank Butcher finished third, and Rick Hirst was fourth. …Chuck Gurney lowered the Calistoga Speedway one-lap track record to 18.164. Mitch Sue won the Dash. …Kevin Urton, John C. Anderson, Marc Zieske, and Danny Burton won heat races. Billy Vuckovich III won the Semi-Main and finished 10th in the Feature. …NARC’s Publicity Agent was Bill Sessa, assisted by Jim Allen. 



Jac Haudenschild (3)

Saucier #1st

Greg Rule 18.331. Haudenschild earned $1,500 as the winner. ... J.T. Hayes was Dash winner. …NARC’s announcers were John Trussler and Bobby Gerould. 


World of Outlaws



Jimmy Sills (2)

Chinen #20 (2)

45 cars were on hand for the Calistoga Classic. Tim Green set a NARC track record of 17.796. Green was the first driver to run a 17 second lap at the big half mile. …Chuck Gurney won the Trophy Dash. The 6-lap heat races were won by John C. Anderson, Jan Haudenschild (Saucier #1st), Hank Butcher, and Greg Rule. …Tom Cox won the C-Main. Haudenschild won the 20-lap B-Main. …Jimmy Sills won his second career Calistoga Feature in a close one over Tim Green. Dave Bradway Jr. was third, Danny Smith was fourth, and Brent Kaeding finished fifth. 



Doug Wolfgang

Weikert #29

Steve Kinser was the second car to qualify and he turned a 18.991. That stood as quick time until Rocky Hodges went 18.895. 38 cars. Pennsylvania Hall of Fame driver Bobby Allen raced at Calistoga on this night. Ron Shuman was in the Ofixco #21. Dave Blaney was driving Gary Stanton's #40. Jack Hewitt was driving the Hampshire #63. Shane Carson was steering for Bob Miller. Keith Kauffman was also on the entry list. ...After Wolfgang, Steve Kinser was second, Bobby Davis Jr. third, Brad Doty fourth, and Jac Haudenschild was fifth. Jimmy Sills finished sixth in the #7x. The top-ten was filled out with Brent Kaeding, Kenny Jacobs, Hewitt, Blaney, and Mark Kinser.



Dave Bradway Jr. (7)

Lamar #3 (7)

Jim Appleton flipped wildly in turn one. Dave Bradway Jr. runs a 17.837 to join Tim Green in the 100 MPH Club. …Walt Ross continued as President of NARC. 



Bryan Bullard

Gillespie/Ross #56 (11)

Bryan Bullard's first NARC win. J.T. Hayes finished second. Rick Downey was third. …Bradway Jr. had quick-time. Downey won the Dash in car #80. …Jim Appleton won a six-car, eight-lap B-main. …Rick Proschold was the NARC Vice President.



Jimmy Sills (3)

Owen & Smith #14 (2)

Tribute to GP. Dave Bradway Jr. quick-time. …Bob Pool was the Secretary of NARC. 



Scott Luhdorff


Shane Scott pushed the Kitchell #47 around the 1/2 mile in 17.975 seconds to become the third man in the 100 MPH (avg.) club. …Cheryl Starr was the NARC Treasurer. 



Shane Scott

Kitchell #47

Hank Butcher was the quick qualifier in the immaculate DuWayne Starr #18. Shane Scott won the feature with Steve Kent second, Darrell Hanestad third, Hank Butcher fourth, and Leonard Lee fifth. ...Don O'Keefe, John C. Anderson, Jim Appleton, and Kent won heats. 26 cars raced for a paid purse of $7660. …Hanestad also won the B-Main. …Mike Andreetta was the NARC Director of Competition. 



Leonard Lee

Neilson #2 (9)

Calistoga Classic paid $2,700 to winner Leonard Lee. Darrell Hanestad finished second, and Bryan Bullard was third. …Bullard and Lee booked themselves into the 100 MPH Club in time-trials. …Only 21 cars. Bullard had quick-time. Shane Scott won the Trophy Dash. The three heats were won by Marc Webster, Jason McMillen, and Jim Appleton. …Greg Shaterian was NARC Flagman. 



Tommie Estes Jr.

Lamar #3 (8)

38 cars for the Duane Bonini Memorial Race. Quick Time - Jac Haudenschild 17.391 in the Ted Lee #2. The track was fast! Cris Eash recorded a new heat race track record. …Estes scored his first career Calistoga win. Darrell Hanestad finished second. Brent Kaeding was third and visiting youngster, Andy Hillenburg finished 4th. …Bill Brown continued as NARC Pit Manager. 



Steve Kinser

Karl Kinser #11

17.350 NTR. Steve Kinser. Brad Doty was second in the Marks & Kepler #18. Mark Kinser fourth in the #51.



Tim Green (2)

Owen #14 (3)

New NARC track record set by Jeff Swindell 17.553. Jeff was in the Williams #11x. …Danny Burton was 2nd in the A-Main. 



Jeff Swindell

Williams #11x

Tribute to GP won by Jeff Swindell, followed by Tim Green, Jason McMillen and Brent Kaeding.  …Kaeding won the Dash that included #1c McMillen, #8 Darrell Hanestad, and #83 Randy Tiner. …Heat winners: Tim Green, Hanestad, Marc Zieske, and Donnie Meyer. …Leonard Lee won the B-Main. 



Tim Green (3)

Owen #14 (4)

25 cars. Top 7 in the A-Main: Tim Green, Jeff Swindell, Brent Kaeding, Chuck Gurney, Ron Shuman (Ulyate #3db), Jason McMillen, and Lee James. …Kaeding had fast time of 17.781. Jerry Ponzo won Heat One. Jeff Swindell won Heat Two. Rick Downey won Heat Three from the pole. …Kaeding won the B-Main. 



Darrell Hanestad (3)

Robertson #8

29 cars on hand. Hanestad earned $1250 for the night of driving for Brock Robertson. Brent Kaeding was second, Rick Downey third, Rick Hirst fourth, and Don Meyer fifth. ...Jimmy Carr finished tenth, and Paul McMahan was eleventh. ...Sparky Howard drove the Jack Boydson #7n to a fifth place run in the B-Main. ...Ed Dimock of Paradise made the feature in his own #64. …Roger Kolb won the Trophy Dash. Heats were taken by Marc Zieske, Meyer, Rick Downey, and Hanestad. …Tim Green won the B-main. 



Brent Kaeding (9)

Miller #69

A bad night. Five flips shortened the feature to just 16 laps. The Califonia curfew of 11 pm at state fairgrounds was enforced. Darrell Hanestad sailed through trees in Turn 3, after riding Roger Kolb's wheel at the end of the backchute. One of THE all-time scariest rides in `Stoga history. ...Jimmy Carr finished 2nd. ...Paid purse was $7,250



Brent Kaeding (10)

Miller #69 (2)

Quick time and feature win for Brent Kaeding. He also broke the three-lap Trophy Dash track record, lowering it to 53.19 seconds. Rick Hirst finished second in the Lovell Bros. #71n. NARC rookie, Paul McMahan drove the family #25 to a 3rd place finish. …Heats were won by Ted Montague, Kyle Schild, and Roger Kolb. 



Brent Kaeding (11)

Miller #69 (3)

27 laps - curfew shortened. Calistoga Classic.



Jason McMillen

McMillen #21

36 cars. Jason McMillen scored his first career Calistoga victory. Darrell Hanestad finished second. Steve Kent was third in the Danell & DeHart #5. Greg Peterson drove Jack Gordon’s #1c from 19th to fourth in the Feature. Brent Kaeding finished fifth. …Kaeding had quick-time. Heats were won by Marv Webster, George Koerber, Mark Hall, and Tim Green. …Marc Zieske won the B-Main. 



Steve Kent

Danell & Dehart #5n

41 cars. Kent opened the season with his first Calistoga win, after setting quick-time. ...Kevin Pylant finished 2nd, and Darrell Hanestad was 3rd.



Brent Kaeding (12)

Miller #69 (4)

Kaeding made $1,430 on the night. ...Jamie Cavagnaro finished eigth in the Family Auto Service #98x. ...Steve Kent finished second. Rick Hirst was third, and Jason McMillen was fourth.



Jason McMillen (2)

McMillen #21 (2)

Tribute to GP. McMillen was the first NARC winner from the pole in over two years. Lee James 5th. ...28 cars. Kaeding had quick-time, won the dash, and his heat in the Bob Miller #69. McMillen made $2,050 for the win.



Brent Kaeding (13)

Miller #69 (5)

The top five was: 1: Kaeding, Brent (69 - Miller) 2: Kent, Steve (5 - Danell/DeHart) 3: Hirst, Rick (71 - Lovell) 4: Pylant, Kevin 5: Howard, Sparky



Brent Kaeding (14)

Miller #69 (6)

The top five was: 1: Kaeding, Brent (69 - Miller) 2: Sills, Jimmy 3: Kent, Steve (5 - Danell/DeHart) 4: Hirst, Rick (71 - Lovell) 5: Hanestad, Darrell (17 - Bailey)



Brent Kaeding (15)

Miller #69 (7)

Healthy $11,205 purse for race #33 on the 1989 NARC season. ...BK beat a stout field of drivers. Jimmy Sills was second in the Danell & DeHart #5. Darrell Hanestad was third in Dencil Bailey's #17. Steve Kent drove the McMillen #21 to fourth, and Ronnie Day in the Rod Manning #6 was fifth. …Sparky Howard won the Dash. Heats were captured by: Roger Kolb, Sills, Kyle Schild, and Kent. 



Kevin Pylant

Pylant #14p

The Duane Bonini Memorial. …Pylant’s first win was one he earned with a top-five of the best in California. Brent Kaeding was second, followed by Rick Hirst, Steve Kent, and Ronnie Day. …The track was fast. Eleven cars were in the 17-second bracket. Kaeding had fast time at 17.430. …Heats were won by Kaeding, Monte Faccinto, Jim Richardson, and Chuck Knuckey. …Lee James was a crash victim on the night. …Steve Kent won the 1989 Calistoga Track Championship. 



Jac Haudenschild (3)

Powell #32u

Jeff Swindell 2nd in R&J WILLIAMS #11x. (One of the best races ever at Calistoga)

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